Love Where You Live, But Not Your Home?

For many people, owning a home is all about location and ease of getting to where you want to go. You might be on the most picturesque street, live in the perfect neighborhood, or have an incredible view- yet still be unsatisfied with your home. If your existing home isn’t what you want on your block anymore, we’ve got the solution. Let us help with KnockDown ReBuild by Suncor.

Create Your New Dream Home That’s Just Right For You.

A home should suit your lifestyle and reflect you in every detail. And here at Suncor we know the details matter. That’s why we work closely with you to build your home to be the best it can be.

Get The New Home Feeling Without The Renovation Risk.

Some people opt for a complete home renovation, not realizing just how easy and cost beneficial it can be to demolish your existing home and build your new dream home instead. Renovating can become costly, resulting in unforeseen complications that carry high costs to fix due to previously hidden or undiscovered structural faults.

Often times the cost to bring your existing home up to new building codes or to fix hidden structural faults exceeds the cost of building new. At Suncor, we know from experience that building from new is often the wisest choice.

Before taking on the significant financial risk of a large renovation project, consider the benefits of KnockDown ReBuild by Suncor. Our services are offered throughout South Florida. Our process is simple and delivers a new home you’ll absolutely love.

Don’t Move Your Life, Improve Your Life.

A home with every luxury you could ask for to suit your lifestyle, and complete in every detail.

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